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This page gives a general overview of how to be successful and play Crush Them All in general. There are many different modes, so the data will be broken up into multiple tabs so you don't get overwhelmed.

What is Crush Them All?

Crush Them all, also called CTA, is an "Idle" RPG game for Android/iPhone devices. While it is called an Idle RPG, it is pretty much anything but. There are many different modes you can play other than the normal "Staging" you would expect. You can end up putting in anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple hours each day depending on various events that occur. Active development is still taking place, too.

Is this game Pay-to-Win?

Can you pay money to move ahead in this game? Yes. Does paying money help you beat other players? Yes. So then this is obviously a pay-to-win game then? Actually, no. In most pay-to-win games, if you don't pay money, you won't be able to get the best stuff and thus the free-to-play players can never compete. In this game, it's a bit different. Everyone has access to exactly the same things as everyone else. You can easily unlock all the heroes that everyone else does. In this case, what you are paying for is to not have to wait. Eventually, you would get the same power as everyone else... But it would probably take you years of playing. That being said, the game is pretty good about keeping you fighting others with roughly the same power. Thus, if you play with other free-to-play players, you will most likely face off against others like you. That being said, it takes a LOT of money to really get ahead. We are talking $100s to really make a significant impact. There is a ton of strategy in this game and players that dive deep into it will do a lot better than ones that just throw money at it.

Can/should new players join Guilds?

Short answer: Absolutely! This game can be pretty amazing as it has such huge depth and strategy. If you join a good guild, they can pull your power up much faster, too. In return, most guilds just require one thing: activity! You should definitely join a guild to get more rewards and power faster in general, but the more active the players are as a whole on the team, the more and better rewards you get, too! When you first join a guild with 20,000 power and you then see people with 10,000,000+ power, it makes you feel extremely insignificant. In most cases, I bet many feel like the gap is so large that there isn't any point in playing and end up quitting the game. Nothing can be further from the truth! Even in Guild Wars, the most active team wins probably 90% of the time. There are ways to maximize what you can do to help (this tutorial will teach you that), but just being active in general will make you priceless, especially if you stick around a long time!


This is a game than takes a bit of a time commitment but the strategy depth is good enough to keep you interested. However, it might take you a few months of getting the hang of everything before you feel like you really are contributing anything... But the point of this tutorial is that if you read all the sections, you'll realize that you can have fun and help out even at 20,000 power!

What is Flooz?

Flooz is the in-game currency that CTA uses. You can consider each flooz to be roughly worth $0.01 if buying only during the best sales. Flooz can be used to unlock many different things in the game along with buying certain packs that will let you "level-up" your heroes.

How do I get Flooz?

The easiest way to get Flooz is by clicking on chests that show up during the Staging portion of the game. There are normally two types of chests (other than special event ones): wood and golden. Wood can give you either Gold for leveling up your staging heroes or anywhere from 1 to ~15 flooz. Gold chests require you to watch an ad first and it will gain you 5 flooz the first few times of the day, then 3, then finally 2. However, sometimes these gold chests will give way more than what was specified. You can only open a total of 40 gold chests per day for roughly 90 to 100 flooz. However, there is a diminishing return as you click on chests. After clicking on roughly 10, you will get less and less until they regenerate, which normally takes a few hours. There is also a x2 to x4 chest event where you can open 80 per day and get a ton of flooz. During a x3 event, you could get over 1,500 flooz if you spent all your time doing it. If you put in just a small amount of effort, you can easily get 600 flooz from it.

Each day there are daily missions that can earn you roughly 25 flooz plus some sort of bonus. Once per week, you can get a 90 flooz bonus during the daily.

In the same area as the dailies are Achievements. These you get from just playing the game and can range from 10 to 50 flooz when you unlock them.

Expeditions sometimes rarely give you flooz. However, it isn't very consistent, so its just something that'll randomly happen.

Guild bosses will give you up to 310 flooz if you get high enough. However, this bonus will be directly proportional to what level boss you can attack. Thus, early on you should probably only expect 15 to 60 flooz during a guild boss. Each guild boss lasts roughly 3 days, so this is around a 20 flooz per day help early on.

Dungeons will give you a 5 flooz bonus the first time you are able to bring down a boss for that level. Early on, this can add up to quite a lot as you are able to go through the levels much faster than later levels.

Guild Quests will give a flooz bonus only for the Chests quest - normally activated during the bonus chest event. It can give a 10 to 100 bonus in the best case scenarios for the players that tap the most chests. This is something anyone can do, so no power level would affect this. Just play, baby!

Arena, Blitz, and 3v3 Arena participation will result in some flooz at the end of the rounds.

Finally, you can just straight buy flooz. You can buy it directly or via special packs. If you want straight flooz, though, its best to wait for the 4x promo bonuses. This causes you to pay essentially $0.01 per flooz. $50 = 5200 flooz during. However, these happen maybe once every other month or so. You can also get flooz through the various packs that cost typically $5 to $20, but they can cost up to $50 or even $100.

What can I buy with Flooz?

Early on, you will need to unlock slots for staging, artifacts, etc. that will help you in the game. Those sections will go over what to spend for those. Otherwise, most of your flooz will go to hero packs, buying blitz medals, and maybe rune packs. You can also spend flooz to get more dungeon tickets, guild boss energy, areana/blitz fights, etc. Whatever you do, DO NOT spend any flooz on getting Gold. This is the single biggest waste you can do as each ascend will render that money useless as you start over from scratch. You will ascend thousands and thousands of times, so never spend money on that. You can also spend 80 to double your prisms during an ascend, but most of the time this won't be worth it. You are better off spending 300 flooz on a bonus pack to get 4 x2 prisms plus other items. However, if a 2x can get you to the next player level, it might not be a bad idea to buy one directly... But I would also say to only ever do this during the 2x prism event to get the most out of it. The devs also added a 160 flooz to do x3 bonus... Never do this unless you plan on spending $1,000's on this game because it is disabled during the x2 prism event.

For the hero packs, the best bang for your buck will be the 1,000 flooz packs. There are also 500 packs that aren't that bad, but the 1,000 will give you a little extra. There are also 300 and 600 flooz packs, but you shouldn't normally buy them for hero medals as the other packs are better. Only buy the more time skips/2x prism bonuses or princess dreams/hibernations.

As far as the flooz packs, some give you Magic Medals. This allows you to give medals to specific heroes that are allowed. For common heroes, each one gives you 30 medals. For rare, each one gives 10 medals. For epic, each one gives 4 medals. The other tabs will go into what heroes to focus on, but spending 1,000 flooz gives 110 medals (as of now), which is 3,300 medals for a common. This can take a 1-star common hero all the way to 6 stars. A second 3,300 medals will get it to 7 stars and a good portion of 8 stars. One more 3,300 will then take you to 8 stars and max the common hero out. It takes 9,880 medals to max a hero with 8 stars. The first hero most focus on is normally Skeleton Giant (SG).

What is staging?

Image of Staging

When you first start the game, you are "Staging" with Luka. You defeat the enemies on the screen and destroy the crystal to move on to the next level... Infinitely. While this is the first thing you do in the game, it is really the only "Idle" part of the game. If you are offline, your heroes will stage up to 10 levels below your previous maximum level if they are powerful enough to reach. As you progress through the game, you will get to higher and higher stages that will take longer and longer to max out before each ascend.

What is Ascending?

Image of Ascending

Eventually, you will get to the point where you can't really sink any more gold into getting your heroes to a higher level and are forced to ascend. Don't be afraid to ascend as the longer you wait the slower you progress. When you ascend, you will get Prisms that you can spend to make your staging heroes stronger, allowing you to push further than before. You also get a bonus on the Ascend Bonus Wheel. However, you only unlock all the bonus choices if you roughly match the level you got to before. The wheel rewards are completely random with no bias towards any one thing. I suggest you always unlock all the slots on the wheel as it is painful when you go a little early and it picks the one where you get no bonus.

Image of Ascending Bonus

What are Prisms?

Prisms are what you get when you ascend. You can apply them to your heroes to make them stronger. However, Prisms only affect Staging and Daily Dungeon parts of the game. Everything else will completely ignore them. There are many things that can boost how many prisms you get. The higher the level, the more prisms you get. The lowest level you can ascend is at level 125. However, you get more prisms for ascending at 250 than you would ascending at 125 twice. Thus, it is always better to max out your level before ascending. You can also get artifacts to increase your prism bonus (talked about later) and some consumable items can temporarily boost it. Finally, there is a 2x Prism event that doubles the amount of the prisms you would have normally gotten. This is when you'd want to spend any consumables to boost your prisms.

What heroes should I use?

If you do research on this on other sites, you will get a specific grouping of heroes you should use. However, what I didn't realize for months is that the heroes you choose will ONLY affect "active" staging. Active staging means the game is running and didn't go to sleep. Otherwise, it will be considered "offline" staging. Offine staging is a set number of levels per minute, totally ignoring what heroes you have. Thus, if you don't plan on doing much active staging, then what heroes you have actually don't matter. Choose your favorites! However, if you do plan on doing active staging, there is one team that is considered the best and others to use until you unlock all those heroes.

Image of Offline

If you close all the sub menus, you can see a screen like above. You can see the "Max Stage while offine" box. If you tap it, you can see a quick summary box like above. This is saying that if you went offline, you would only get to level 28. If you level up your village with gold, this number will let you go up to the max minus 10. You can also see the number of stages it runs through per minute along with the bonuses to this. The heroes you choose will not impact this number at all. Ascending and assigning prisms to heroes will allow you to increase the max level.

Normally, Speed is the most important factor to consider when you are looking at staging. Speed means how fast they move across the screen, so the faster they move, the faster they beat all the enemies and go to the next one. However, 4-star non-Common heroes have a special ability that can affect the team as a whole and that can skew what hero is the "best".

One thing to note here is that you only EVER want to have 5 heroes staging for you. The problem is that at level 600, each boss requires a specific element type to do damage against it to move on. This cycle is every 100 levels and elements Water -> Earth -> Fire -> Light -> Dark. Thus, you want one hero of each type because the Prisms determine how much damage that hero will do. The stars of a hero does little to affect the damage when compared to Prisms. Thus, if you had multiple heroes of the same type, you would either spread your Prisms making it so you level your max slower or you would have heroes that spawn with no prisms assigned and they die instantly. Since its random which hero spawns, you could waste precious seconds on each stage as the weak ones spawn first. Thus, only spend enough flooz to open the first 5 hero slots. I would, however, recommend spending flooz to open all of the ultimate attack slots as that will be very useful in staging, dungeons, and guild boss battles.

Image of Prisms

If you click on heroes and then tap one of them, you will see a screen like above. If you have any Prisms available, this is where you would assign them. It is normally best to put everything into Luka until level 600. After that, assign all the prisms you get to your Earth hero until he/she is at the same number of Prisms as Luka + 100. Then you should be able to beat level 700. Then repeat this process for Fire (+100 more than Earth), then Light, then Dark. Then start over by getting Luka higher again.

These lists are from best to starting out order.


Luka is the only one you need as he is a Rogue that gets extra gold, is extremely fast, and at 4 stars will increase the speed of water heroes. This last part is why he is better than Blue Fish. Thus, CTA gives you the best Water stager from the start, which is nice!

Pinky Voodoo Dagger

None of the Earth heroes increase move speed, so you want to go for pure speed. Early on, you want to use Voodoo Dagger as he is the easiest to get. Pinky, however, is a special hero you can only get during the Lunar New Year event which happens in Februrary or the Ancients event that happens every other month or so. When you can finally get Pinky, switch over to use her for a small boost.

Monki King Jasmine Tiny Dragon

While none of the Fire heroes have a hero that increases speed, Monki King will increase the attack speed of fire heroes. This means he can attack faster and thus get through the level faster. Monki King can be obtained via the Arena store, so it won't take you long to unlock him. In addition, Monki King is very useful in a lot of game modes because he stuns opponents a lot. Until you get him, Tiny Dragon will work pretty well. While Jasmine is fastest and has a very good ability for Guild Bosses, she is a bit harder to get than Monki King. You could use her if you wanted to, though.

Hikari Light Knight

Light is a bit different than the other ones. Early on, you definitely want to take Light Knight as he is easy to get and very fast. Eventually, you'll want to switch to Hikari, but only once you get him to 4 stars. Hikari boosts the run speed of ALL the heroes, not just Light. This improves everyone's run speed, which is why you want to use him even though he is a bit slower. Since Hikari is at Epic level, it takes longer to level him up, especially if you use Magic Medals. Thus, you want to wait until he gets to 4 stars before switching to him. When you first start the game, you can actually spend a little money to unlock him with some medals at the start via a one-time deal. This is one of the packs you should really consider buying at the start with the other one being Scud.

Kasumi Bat

Kasumi has a special Teleport ability that allows her to get behind the enemy lines and attack the crystal directly. This makes her more valuable than Bat in the long run. However, Bat is a good enough start and is slightly faster than Kasumi. Kasumi needs to be at least 2 stars before she can do her teleport, so don't use her until then.

What about Seraph?

Seraph is a special hero that can act as either Light or Dark depending on the enemy. You could end up dividing all your prisms amongst 4 heroes instead of 5 since she could allow you to attack both Light and Dark levels. This is actually true. You can give up some speed and end up getting further with less prisms if you take this approach. I haven't done the math to know if this ends up being better or worse in the long-term as the others would be faster active staging. This could also let you get to high levels of Daily Dungeons faster, too, so it might be a better approach so you can level up artifcats easier. Eventually though, dungeons require a certain number of heroes have a minimum number of prisms assigned to be unlocked. At level 25, it requires you to have 5 heroes with a certain number of prisms. Thus, you can get to level 24 faster, but you'd be stuck there until you end up getting your 5th up to speed. Thus, if you want to maximize your early game, feel free to use Seraph alone... But be prepared for it to take way longer to get to the level 25 dungeon than normal. You also want to get to level 25 because you end up getting 2x as many medals when you beat a dungeon starting with level 25... It's up to you if you want take that approach!

Any tips?

When staging, using ultimates directly on the crystal can destroy it very quickly. However, scrolling across to the right can be tedious. Instead, there is a little trick. You can tap the lower right corner of the staging area and it will automatically jump all the way to the right, speeding up your leveling:

Image of Staging trick 1

Save all your Princess Dreams, Time Skips, and Hiberation/Prism consumables for the 2x Ascend Bonus event. Princess Dreams give you a 1,000% bonus to your offline speed. Time Skips will then drain the time from Princess Dreams as if you were offline, greatly speeding up your ascends during the bonus time. Under Artifacts -> Consumables tab, you can find Hibrations and Prisms. Hibernations will boost the offline speed by only 100%, but every little bit helps. Prisms will boost your ascend bonus by 100%, but its only the base amount not the amplified amount, but it also helps a bit.

What are Daily Dungeons?

If you click on Battle in the bottom Menu, you will see Daily Dungeons at the top. Daily Dungeons allow you to get materials to upgrade your Artifacts (talked about later) and earn medals for your heroes to level them up. However, you can only get medals for heroes you have already unlocked. Also, you can't get medals for all the heroes, only some of them. If you go to the Heroes page/details you will be able to see which ones can be earned [eventually].

What are Dungeon Tickets?

When you enter the dunegon, you have to spend a ticket in order to go into the dungeon. The game regenerates one ticket every 20 minutes or you can win them on the Ascend wheel or you can buy them with flooz or real money. At the start, you can only hold a few tickets, but as you and your guild level, you can hold more. The ticket is only consumed if you win a battle. Thus, if you end up not winning, the ticket is not consumed, which is nice!

What are Raid Tickets?

Raid tickets allow you to complete a Dungeon for "free" in that after you beat it with your heroes within a specific amount of time, you can then spend raid tickets to get the reward without actually fighting. Daily Dungeons can get a bit tedious at times, so if you have raid tickets you can use them. Each day, you get 10 of them for free. Otherwise, you really only get them via flooz packs or Lucky Spin Chests (talked about later). They just speed up the game a bit, so it is up to you how/when you want to use them. Normally, if I have a bit of time I like to do it manually and then when I'm not in the mood or don't have enough time I spend my raid tickets then.

What kind of rewards do you get?

As mentioned before, you get artifact resources for the element dungeon you defeat. You use this to buy new artifacts and to level them up. The higher the dungeon, the more you get. There are x2 (and x3, but super rare) events that will increase the resources you earn, but in later levels the bonuses from other artifacts that apply to these resources will make this bonus pale in comparison. You will also earn a single medal for a hero of that element type. You can't get a medal for all the heroes, but many of them. The x2/x3 events will also apply to the medals you earn. Normally, you only earn one medal for each dungeon you defeat. During a x2 event, you will get 2 medals instead of one. Once you get to Dungeon level 25, though, you earn 2 medals by default. During a x2 event, you will then get 4 medals instead of 2. However, once all of your common heroes of that element type are maxed out, you only earn 1 medal by default again.

How do I reach higher level dungeons?

Prisms directly relate to how high you can go. Thus, you must ascend via staging if you want to reach higher daily dungeon levels. Once you get to level 25, you must have 5 heroes be at a minimum prism level to unlock it.

Fastest way to beat dungeons?

You normally should be using Ultimate Attacks while doing your attacks. This is why you should unlock all 5 ultimate attacks because you will cycle through all 5 to keep a steady attack going.

What are Artifacts?

Artifacts are special items you can obtain in the game by spending resources you earn from the Daily Dungeons. You must spend flooz to unlock slots to use artifacts and each new slot costs more than the last. I believe the max number of slots you can have is 21. These artifacts will give you or your heroes different bonuses. There will be a special artifact page that will go over what all of them are and their cost in the future. Each artifact can also be leveled up with more and more resources. There are also special items that allow you to increase the max level of artifacts. Artifact powers will apply to Staging, Daily Dungeons, and Guild Bosses. They do not apply to anything PvP related, like Guild Wars and Arenas nor Crusades.

There are also Event Artifacts, located in a sub-tab under Artifacts at the top. These are artifacts that you earn from Guild Boss battles (talked about later). They tend to have better increases, but they take a lot longer to get because you can only get the resources required from fighting the specific elemental Guild Boss, which is discussed in another tab.

Which artifacts are best?

The majority of players agree that the best artifacts to get are the ones that give you a bonus to Prisms. These artifacts will increase the number of prisms you get with each ascend, which is critical to getting the higher Daily Dungeons unlocked, better ascend bonus items, and faster staging in general. Once you get those artifacts, you want to get ones that focus on increasing the village production, reducing the village production duration, and finally ones that increase attack damage, in this order. The reason is that how much money you earn is directly proportional to the most expensive village shop you currently have purchased. When you increase those first two numbers, the game will essentially figure out the full bonus and then take the amount of gold you earn from that. If a building would produce 100 gold in a 1 minute timeframe (just an example), then destroying the crystal might earn 1% of that or 1 gold (just an example). If you have a 100% increase in production, now you do 200 gold in 1 minute or 2 gold per crystal kill. Then if you reduce the time to produce by 50%, you produce 200 gold every 30 seconds, or 400 gold per minute or 4 gold per crystal kill. This becomes exponential. As these numbers get super high, you can end up maxing your entire village after an ascend in a minute or less (after a year of playing, roughly). This makes getting in lots of ascends easier during the 2x events with Princess Dreams/Time Skips and saves your fingers.

At the start of the game, you can get the ones that focus more on village production at first. But the ones you should have early on are: Goldskin, Goat God, and Laser Sword (4 star). Then you should focus on getting the Midas set (5 star). This is the first set that you'll most likely carry through the rest of the game. You can either focus on a specific element from 5 star or get the ones that focus on village production. After that, focus on getting Gold Griffen set (6 star) and finally Sacred set (7 star). After that, follow the order from above as to what 7 star artifacts to get.

What are artifact stones?

Once you get to 5 star and above artifacts, they require another resource besides the Daily Dungeon resources. These are called artifact stones. To get a level 5 stone, for example, you either have to max out a level 4 artifact or purchase them from the Arena store. Luckily, if you sell an artifact, you will always get back all the stones you invested.

Which event artifacts are the best?

Early on, almost all of the event artifacts are good for you. The only exceptions are Gun Lord and Astrolab. Gun Lord artifacts increase in power based on how powerful all your heroes are. Thus, early on that won't amount to much. I personally only bought the attack artifact one as slots get expensive. As for Astrolab, they really help more in the end game, but even then they are more limited in their helpfulness with the possible exception of Astro Time Warper 2. This will speed up your offine staging quite a bit, so it might be useful.

As for which ones to focus on first, the one you should get ASAP is the Twin Chalice from Twin-Face. This gives you 50 star shards per day in the mail. Star shards are the hardest resource to come by, so you really want that one. A somewhat close second is the Twin Pendant that gives you 2,000 rune dust a day. However, the Ascend wheel recently was redone so its much easier to get rune dust now than in previous years. After this, Frostwing Artifacts are important because it gives you prism bonuses. If you get the full set, you even get a bigger prism bonus, too. After that, Mad King is fairly decent. The frenzy hero can greatly help in Guild Bosses and the extra dungeon rewards help, too. The full set gives you more dungeon ticket storage, which can be pretty huge in the long run. Finally, Undead Samurai are mainly to help staging, but it doesn't help that much early on. However, once you get to around level 6000 to 7000 in staging, the Samurai Shop Lv Bonus starts being a big deal. Shop Level bonus just makes it so your village buildings start out already purchased after each ascend. The Shop Level will pre-buy those levels for you (up to their auto-collect max). This will greatly reduce the time it takes to max out your villages for the next ascend. Thus, it is more a late mid-game artifact set to get.

Any tips?

There is a way to get artifact stones much easier. Once you are able to max out an artifact to earn a stone, you can sell that artifact and get a full refund of dungeon resources if you pay a little bit of flooz. You can then buy another artifact of that star level and then immediately max it out with those same dunegon resources very quickly. However, you only get the stone from maxing out an artifact the firt time - so you have to get a new one each time. This is the fastest way if you have a bit of flooz to spare. Honestly, it costs 25 flooz each time, so it isn't terribly expensive to do this. When you get to 6, and especially 7, star, this approach will save you a huge headache!

When you sell an artifact, you can actually purchase it back whenver you want! If you click on Artifacts, you can then click the Buy Artifacts button in the upper right. What I didn't notice for months is the "Collection" button to the left of the "New Artifacts" button. If you click that, not only can you actually see ALL the artifacts that exist, you can then click on any you found previously and buy it at the bottom. You can also see which ones you previously maxed out as they have a little start icon in the upper left of the picture.

What are Guild Wars?

Guild Wars makes one guild of players to fight another guild of players (PvP). In guilds outside of the top 100, the victory almost always goes to the guild that uses up the most attacks. e.g. Inactive players on a roster will cause that guild to lose. This is why many guilds have a requirement that you must at least participate in guild wars as this affects everyone as a whole. You get considerably more resources for winning than losing, so every bit helps. Even if you have 20,000 power, you can usually attack "Open Slots" that guarantee you earn points. Those are critical to the entire guild winning! After a guild war, most guilds will kick any players that didn't help/were inactive during the entire war.