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Just wanted to say thank you for all of the praise the DQM3 site has gotten from the community! It was a lot of work, but you all made it worth my while! I'm not done adding more things to this, so look forward to that! (I really want to add a team builder and allow you to share those builds with others!)

Creating the Digimon World 2 site made it possible to get DQM3 out as fast as I did, but I wasn't really ever able to get any major feedback on it since it is a 20+ year old game. After this, I really want to give Pokemon the same treatment as the searching/filtering DQM3 has would be extremely helpful there. I just have a lot of database work to do to get there, but I may finally have renewed interest to finally get that done! :)


The site should now be complete for all of Dragon Question Monster 3: The Dark Prince pages. When the full game comes out, I just have to add the new data to the database and the site will automatically show the new data. If anyone has any more ideas of what to add, feel free to ask!


I've added some data for a new game called "Dragon Quest Monsters 3: The Dark Prince" (DQM3). It is a Nintendo Switch exclusive and is in the same vein of games as Pokemon and Digimon World 2. Right now, there is a demo out there so I'm building everything up now so it'll be easier to add the full data later.


I added the ability to show/hide columns on a few pages (Digipedia, Skills, Digipedia Details - Combinations/Results). I then Added Image columns (hidden by default) to those two detail page grids in case someone doesn't want to hover over each Digimon name.


I added a new tab to the Digimon World 2 - Domains - Detail page called Floors. This will break out all the enemy groups possible per floor so you can also see any floors that don't have any enemy groups. I added this due to my hunt for Kimeramon. I know I found it on a level with no enemies, so this made it easier to find.


I finished creating Digimon World 2 -> Calculators -> DNA Digivolve. This is probably the most complex calculator for DW2 I've created. This will allow you to add parents and see what the "child" will be with their stats. Then it calculates what the stats would be if you leveld up to the max or to level 99. This includes evolving at each step.


I've added a bunch of Programming tools. I'll be adding more for C# stuff and SAML parsing in the future.


I finally added something "new" to the site by finishing the Digimon World 2 Damage Calculator. Feel free to check it out and let me know if it is off by more than 2 points. Thanks!


I was able to make defining filters on the tables extremely easy from the coding side of things. I've added those filters to the Digipedia and Skill pages. Let me know what you think! They are multi-select, so you can select multiple items at the same time. I can also change the setting on it so when you select an item, the window stays open, but I'll have to make that configurable somehow in the future - maybe a toggle of some sort. Email at or leave a message on Discord (Show Chat at top) on the #feedback channel.


Hey all. I just finished up the last Digimon World 2 page (Domain Details) to make it show the same data as ! Now I'll try to complete the calculator pages. If those are too complicated, I will finally start working on the Pokemon side of things.


Hey all. I refactored a bunch of code on the server to make it easier to maintain going forward. I also finished the Digimon World 2 - Skills Details page. Finally, I figured out to auto-minify my JS, so the pages should load a bit faster.


Hey all. I'm trying to continue working on this site some more. Digimon World 2 - Digipedia Details page should now be complete. Let me know what you think via an email at


Welcome to the newly developed site! I'm working hard trying to get everything back to feature parity so I can begin adding even more content to the site. I recently completed my coding framework, so I'm able to move this forward. I currently have most of Digimon World 2 menu items finished, minus the detail pages. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me at