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This page will allow you to build up your team, assign talents/accessories, see max stats, show damage against configurable opponenst, etc.

Find a mistake? Have an improvement/suggestion? Want to help with data gathering? Please join me via Discord! [Link now points to invite!]

Site go down/getting too slow? Try my alternate at Same site, but not https.

Coming Soon

I still have a bit to code on applying traits for damage and need to calculate resistances, but I'd like some feedback on its current state.

All this data is currently shareable via a huge link that ise base 64 encoded. In the somewhat near future, I'll allow for user registration/login and you'll be able to store this data long term in my site's database and allow it to be public for people to find that way. I'm not sure how to handle comments/descriptions of what to do yet since people could cause me some trouble. I also need a way to define a team can be a counter to another team as well.

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