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Egg Locations


This page lists all of the eggs and their locations in the game.

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After reaching the first Middle Eschelon map, you can then find eggs in the world. Eggs will give you a random monster instantly that will have one talent. Sometimes, this monster will be one that can only be acquired via an egg. Sometimes the monster will get a talent that you can only get from an egg. There are four different egg colors of white, silver, gold, and rainbow, with each being harder to find than the last but give better monsters. Some monsters will only appear in eggs after completing certain parts of the story or the entire game. The harder the area, the more likley higher level eggs will appear.

  1. Turn off auto-save
  2. Find and take 6 eggs in a given area [Each area only spawns 6 eggs and will be set once you enter the region]
  3. Fight 1 battle
  4. Zoom to a different area and save
  5. Re-enter the area and look for eggs again
  6. If you don't get the monster/talent you want, restart the game and try again