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Finding Kimeramon


This page lists all the information MetalKid can remember about getting Kimeramon.

Image of Kimeramon

Back in 2002 while in college, I played Digimon World 2 heavily for the first time. I ended up beating the game with all 3 tamer guilds to get to all the content I could. After beating the last guild (Blue Falcon), I looked around for anything I may have missed. Long story short, I stumbled upon a "hidden" mission that allowed me to get Kimeramon legitimately. This page will detail out everything I remembered along with reasons against a particular point of eveidence. I have no way of proving this happened and haven't been able to reproduce it after trying for over 15 years and dozens of times beating the game, but just in case someone else wants to give it a try, this is everything I can give you.

WARNING: SPOILERS! [For a 20+ year old game, I guess]

Overall Story Summary

Upon completing the 3rd game with Blue Falcon, I went looking for more content. I wanted to talk to Jijimon as he was pretty important to the plot. However, you couldn't find him in the game. Instead, Ben is now the acting mayor of File Island until Jijimon gets back, saying he is talking with the Digimon on the island. This made me think that I could possibly find him in one of the domains, similar to what happened the first time. Ultimately, I ran into him somehow - never able to reproduce it [what I tried is at the end]. He said he found out someone is experimenting on Digimon and needs to be stopped. After this, Jijimon goes back to his normal spot and Ben gets moved to the lower right of where Techna-Donna is.

Once this event triggers, Leomon lets you through to the Laboratory (Colosseum) instead of blocking you. Inside, is a very small room with Carol inside (couldn't find her before, either). She says an evil scientist is experimenting on Digimon in Tera Domain (hence why it has a red border around it - a mission) and needs your help. I then went down to level 98 where it is always the same treasure chest room. Only now, a 2nd portal showed up if you moved down. Once you go in, you become Akira (outside of Gunner) in some secret lab. The scientist is there and Kimeramon is his creation. It is sitting on a chair and doesn't move. When you talk to Kimeramon, it has a small speech box and then you go into battle with it. It was level 36 and you end up getting it after defeating it automatically.

At this point, the red border around Tera Domain finally goes away. Zudokorn stops saying others are trying to find you. The nursery lets you trade for an I-dramon. If you go back into Terra Domain, Omnimon can sometimes spawn at level 40 instead of 35 and will have Garuru Cannon. This is the only way to get this move. That is pretty much it! The next sections will go into details about each point.

From what I can remember of my party, I'm pretty sure I had an Omnimon, Seraphmon, and I-dramon in my party, all created from scratch. Seraphmon was the highest level at 41 and the others were in the high 30s. I had saves of all 3 wins on one memory card and probably had a save for Digimon World 3 on it as well that had a Black Wargreymon. I believe I also talked to every single character multiple times (3+) between each in-game event to ensure I didn't miss any dialog as I was trying to get all possible content. I beat the game around 60 to 70 hours. I probably also collected more than 100 junk during that glitch period.

When I finally found Jijimon, the key to this whole thing, I know he was on a level void of enemies - most like Mega level 11 or Patch level 7. However, whenever I tried to repeately go there, I can never find him. Also, I remember going through every level and running from all the enemies/revealing the map for every single domain. After that didn't work, I started killing every Digimon group in every domain starting from the upper left and working my way down then right. Eventually, I ran into Jijimon doing that. I do remember talking to a bunch of people in between these to tries, but this is all I can remember doing. I have not been able to reproduce this point, which is critical for any of it to work.


Zudokorn will say that there are other people waiting to talk to you. He will say this always after the end of the game. However, once everyting is complete, he switches his text to something else because you finally talked to everyone. This was one point of information that caused me to think there was still something to do.

Counterpoint: There are a lot of bugs in this game and quite a few loose ends. Most likely, they didn't code for his speech to change. Also, someone exported a huge amount of raw information from the game that has all the converstations in it. I searched through this export and didn't find the text that I remembered. However, it is possible its stored somewhere else than in the main data, but that is unlikely.


Upon completing the game, the characters mention the Colosseum was removed and replaced with a Digimon Laboratory. If you try to go into it, Leomon blocks you and mentions that the Laboratory is restricted access (even though I just saved the world?). I believe the game also mentions that Carol is involved with this Laboratory somehow. Thus, you are never able to talk to her.

It seems very strange to me that the developers added all this dialogue and Leomon logic into the game only for it to be pointless. It took a work to mention this Laboratory, update Leomon to say this specific text, etc. Why mention this at all? Just leave it alone and say there isn't any active tournament anymore. Also, it felt weird to me that you couldn't talk to Carol anymore. She was a pretty important character.

Counterpoint: There are a lot of bugs in this game and quite a few loose ends. Most likely, they started development to add this content but then stopped partway through for whatever reason. They just mentioned this Laboratory so the user knows that the Colosseum is no longer a possibility to use and this is the end result. I was not able to find this text that Carol says in the raw data dump, either. However, it is possible its stored somewhere else than in the main data, but that is unlikely.


The biggest piece of eveidence that spurred me on was Ben's dialog. He mentions he is temporarily acting as mayor as Jijimon is meeting with the Digimon of File Island. To me, this sounds like Jijimon is going to come back and he is somewhere on File Island - most likely one of the domains. When you first get Jijimon, you actually do find him in a Domain by resucing him. Thus, it isn't a big leap of faith to think that you can find him that way again. The problem is, how/where since there aren't any bosses anymore and if you go through all the domains, then you normally don't find him.

I found it very odd that Ben would say he was temporary helping Jijimon out. The text about him being on File Island also helped. Zudokorn mentioning that others are still trying to talk to me made me think Jijimon was on that list as he was a critical character, so I should really be able to talk to him. This caused me to follow this path a lot more hours than I should have and I'm sure everyone else wouldn't have bothered with.

Counterpoint: There are a lot of bugs in this game and quite a few loose ends. Most likely, the devs just put this in there with no real after thought. They never intended for Jijimon to come back into the game after winning.

Tera Domain Red Border

Zudokorn mentions at the start of the game that a red border around a domain indicates a mission. It never actually indicated it was a Boss there, just a mission... However, most missions resulted in some sort of boss being there. This distinction is critical because a character mentions that Tera Domain is huge and has no boss... If the red border meant boss, that would contradict what this character specifically says. If you finish it multiple times normally, the red border doesn't disappear, either.

Utimately, the border around Tera Domain always bothered me. Why add this to the end of the game? It is a training ground, sure, but there was no need to put that border around it... Unless there was still a mission you needed to complete there. Which there is. :)

Counterpoint: There are a lot of bugs in this game and quite a few loose ends. Most likely, the devs probably just copied and pasted some code that had the border active by default or it was meant to draw your attention as a "new" domain available. Originally, I thought that the Japenese version maybe didn't have this due to Pocketstation having the ability to unlock Kimeramon instead. Thus, its possible the US version had different code for this mission and put it outside the main data area as it would have caused issues for QA testing later. However, someone finally beat the Japanese version and this red border ended up there as well. This hurts my case for the data being somewhere else a lot, but it also means it was probably fully flushed out and its possible the trigger was just messed up somehow or you had to do something specific for it to work that all of us can't seem to find.


During a new mission, you normally got the ability to trade for a better Digimon from the Nursery. After completing this trade, the nurse always says you should come back later as we are still raising more. At the end of the game, this same text is there, signifying that a new mission could unlock another trade. This ended up being I-dramon because I remember being a bit upset at taking the time to make my own (can't get it any other way) only for the Nursey to just give me one. After that, the dialog changed to someone completely different that signified to me that there was nothing else after this.

Counterpoint: There are a lot of bugs in this game and quite a few loose ends. Most likely, the nurse was never updated so after the end of the game, it was just repeating whatever the text was from the last mission.

Garuru Cannon

No known Digimon in the game has Garuru Cannon. There is no way to get this move. They had to create the move data and animations that go with it. Why would they put in all that work and then just not use it? It was a pretty important move in the Anime, so you should be able to get it. Once you finally get everything finished, that is when you can finally get this powerful move from level 40 Omnimons. It is kind of your reward for "finishing" the game.

Counterpoint: There are a lot of bugs in this game and quite a few loose ends. Most likely, they were going to add it to something and just ran out of time. This is a move on a Digimon that took the most amount of time to get and totally unnecessary to beat the game.

Kimeramon Model

The devs added a fully working model and move to the game. The Prima Stategy guide says to stay on the lookout for this Digimon, indicating you can get it. In Japan, the Pocketstation existed where you could actually get Kimeramon from it. However, the NPC for this does not exist in the US version as Pocketstation was never released here. This means that there is some sort of different in the code for US vs Japanese, but not sure if the different would be that much here. It seems like a lot of work to include something that could only be obtained from Pocketstation.

Counterpoint: There are a lot of bugs in this game and quite a few loose ends. Most likely, they were going to add it to something and just ran out of time. Instead, they just made it available for Pocketstation and called it a day. The devs probably didn't care much about the US version, anyway.


This is all I can remember. I've spent years trying to reproduce what happened to me with no luck. My original save ended up getting deleted because I forgot to copy it over before everything was formatted since I ended up unlocking everything, I didn't even think about it. It wasn't until a few years later that I realized no one else had this experience. I stand by everything I've wrote here. Hopefully, someone can prove this exists for me, but I've run out of ideas. Here are the list of things I have tried to get Jijimon to show up:

Ideas I haven't tried:

If anyone else has any ideas, please let me know at