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Max Stats


This page calculates max stats a specific monster can have, given various options.

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This describes how the different options affect the total max stat cap:

Monster Size is a value between 1 and 100 that affects defence/agility. The bigger the monster, the more defence and less agility it has - vice versa the smaller the monster. A size of 10 would increase agility by 40 and reduce defence by 40. At 51+, the monster becomes large.

Large monsters HP/MP are increased by 50%. Attack, Defence, Agility, and Wisdom are only increased by 10%. Since most Large monsters will get a Tactical skill that reduces stats as well, the net effect will cause a large monster to actually have less Attack, Wisdom, Defence, and Agility compared to a small monster.

Child monster determines the raw max stat cap for each stat. Each monster has a unique cap on each stat.

The combined max level of each of the parents will also affect the max stat cap for each stat. Two level 100 parents would add 4% of the base stats to each stat each parent affects. The other parent/grand parent bonuses could raise this number up to 20% (for a specific stat)!

The "Tactical" traits will reduce the total stats across the board if the monster has one.

  • Tactical Trooper reduces all stats by 10%
  • Tactical Genius reduces all stats by 20%
  • Tactical Commander reduces all stats by 20%
  • Tactical Titan reduces all stats by 30%

The monster family of each parent and grand-parent will add bonuses to 3 specific stats. You can see these bonuses on the Families page. Parents add 2x the bonus of an individual grand parent. However, this bonus grows in direct relation to max level of the combined parent levels.

If all 4 grand-parents are in different families, you get a special bonus added to every stat that is basically equal to having a 3rd parent bonus, but applied to all 6 stats. This bonus is also affected by the combined parent levels.

Sparkles will add 100 to the max stat cap of a single stat. It appears to be completely random which stat you get, so if you are preparing for a PvP team, be prepared to do a lot of save scumming resets to get what you need. The easiest way to figure out what the sparkle bonus applies to is to get a non-sparkle version and then use a metal slime card to level up the monster - record the number of stat points that were added. Then when you get a sparkle, do that again and you should see a slight difference in the stat that ended up getting the sparkle.

Talents and accessories will add raw stats to certain stats. These are not impacted by the cap nor do they influence the maximum. They are a straight bonus added on to the end.

The raw formula is as follows:
Math.floor(Math.ceil(maxStatValue * sizeBonus * tacticalBonus) * (1 + (parentLevels * parentBonus * 0.0001))) + sparkleBonus + extraStatAgiOrDef + talentStats + accessoryStats;

Family Tree

Grand Parent 1-A  
Grand Parent 1-B  
Grand Parent 2-A  
Grand Parent 2-B  
Parent 1  
Parent 1 Level  
Parent 2  
Parent 2 Level  

Monster Size



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Some talents will add raw stats. These are not impacted by/do not impact the limit, but this will give you what your full, overall stats will look like.


Some accessories will add raw stats. These are not impacted by/do not impact the limit, but this will give you what your full, overall stats will look like. They can also add traits, which can affect the resistances.